Experienced Attorney to Advocate for You

Experienced Attorney to Advocate for You

Every year, the SSA (Social Security Administration) receives thousands of applications claiming SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits, and approximately 70% of these applications get rejected at the very first stage.  Completing the Social Security Administration’s appeals process is a long, difficult series of tasks.  It is possible to be granted benefits without representation, however, if your initial claim has been denied, it is vital to hire an experienced attorney to present your claim on appeal.

Getting Approval on Initial Application – Filing an Application

Filing an application for seeking SSDI benefits is a complicated and confusing process. Unless you are well-acquainted with the rules and have proper knowledge of the procedure, it is highly probable that your application will be denied.  The reason behind the denial of the majority of claims is attributed to unfamiliarity with the application process and inability to collect necessary medical documents and records to support the claim.  Hiring an experienced attorney to manage these processes is vital and can have a significant impact on the outcome of your claim.

Attorney Representing You at Appeals

What happens when your claim is denied?  Your attorney will represent you in filing for Reconsideration – a re-evaluation by the Social Security Administration of your initial application, including any new records or documentation submitted by you and your attorney.  If your claim is denied at the Reconsideration level, your attorneys file a written request for the claim to be heard before an Administrative Law Judge.  Prior to the hearing, your attorneys will obtain any relevant medical records, reports and evaluations, and statements from friends and family in support of your case.  At your hearing, your attorney your attorney will present persuasive evidence from the record to the Administrative Judge to support your case.

Finding the Right Attorney

Finding Social Security Disability Benefits advocate or lawyer is simple – finding a qualified, experienced attorney who can handle your case can be difficult due to the complicated and intricate nature of this area of law.  Be sure to ask questions when considering retaining the services of a particular attorney – learn about their experience and knowledge of this area of law.  Ask about accessibility – how easy it is to get in contact with this attorney, as they manage a large number of cases.  Some attorneys do not offer individual attention to each Claimant – be sure to work with an attorney who can offer you the quality of representation and accessibility you want and deserve.

There are a number of firms and offices in Northeastern Ohio that provide representation in claims for Social Security Disability Benefits.  Conduct a thorough evaluation of whomever you consider to represent your claim, and be sure to find the office and attorney that can provide you the best interaction, communication, and representation in pursuit of your benefits.

At Kasunic Law, we provide a combination of experienced representation, interaction with our attorneys and staff, and open lines of communication.  We strive to not only provide excellent representation, but to provide you and understanding of the application and appeals process when applying for Social Security Disability Benefits.

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