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Our firm offers representation in a full range of Family Law matters including divorce, dissolution, separation, pre-marital agreements, paternity, custody, visitation, child support, domestic violence and adoption. These matters are often very complex and require a good working knowledge of the law and of the court system. This is what we offer our clients. We understand that these matters are very personal and are often the most difficult issues for our clients. We strive to make the process as comfortable as possible while keeping our clients informed every step of the way. We are committed to responding promptly to telephone calls and addressing our clients’ concerns.

The initiation of a domestic action has great consequences on a person and their entire family. The ending of a marriage or relationship between individuals, especially when children are involved, creates numerous questions – which spouse will keep what property? Will one spouse be receiving spousal support? Who will have custody of the children, or will there be shared parenting? Will one spouse pay child support, and how much will they pay? The answers to these questions will shape the lives of the individuals involved for the duration of their lifetimes. The advice and counsel of an experienced attorney is absolutely necessary in order to protect your interests and achieve a desired result.


Areas of Family Law Representation


Our firm provides experienced representation in various domestic matters, including divorce, dissolution, legal separation, drafting pre-marital agreements, paternity disputes, custody and visitation matters, child support determinations, domestic violence, and adoption.


Working With Our Firm


We understand that these situations are very emotional and difficult – the shape of one’s family will change, and property is divided as a result of the matter. Our firm strives to make this difficult process as comfortable for you as possible. We keep our clients fully informed at all stages of the matter and assure that your concerns are addressed and managed properly. We will fight to protect your interests, your family, and your property through the course of our representation.


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