Nursing Home Negligence

Taking a loved one to an assisted/extended living facility or a nursing home is not always an easy decision to make. It normally comes with many emotions. The idea of taking your loved one to such a facility is based on the idea they will be taken care of and looked after as you would look after them.


Whether we like it or not, the time may come when your loved one may need to be attended to professionally. When that time comes, you won’t have any choice but to try and select a reputable facility. Abuse and neglect are always concerns. There are different forms of abuse both physical and mental as a consequence of neglect. Negligence is a big issue in nursing homes and occurs regardless of whether the home is expensive or not.

Studies have determined that only one in fourteen incidents of abuse are reported to the authorities. Why is this happening? Many nursing homes are operating at capacity. Americans are living longer and in order to accommodate the elderly and in an apparent effort to keep operating costs down, nursing homes may hire and retain inadequate, underpaid, undertrained staff who may be overworked. Under these circumstances, even the well-meaning employees may neglect to care properly for their residents.


If you or your relative suspect or experience any form of nursing home negligence or abuse, you should immediately contact a tested and proven personal injury attorney.


Nursing home negligence is a reality. An attorney is your first step to putting a stop to the negligence or abuse of your loved one and to bringing the facility and the abuser to justice!


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