Injury Lawyer for Auto Accident

Injury Lawyer for Auto Accident

Injuries suffered in car accidents are often severe and life-changing. It is vital that you take the proper action to protect your rights and interests after suffering any injury. Seeking experienced legal advice to protect these rights and interests is essential following the accident. Working with an experienced attorney will ensure the protection of your rights and interests as you progress along your path to physical, psychological, and monetary recovery.

How Hiring Experienced Legal Representation Will Assist You After An Accident:

1. Handle Negotiations with the Insurance Company
Following an accident involving a car or motorcycle, the other vehicle operator’s insurance company will reach out to make contact with you. Often times these representatives will push you to provide a statement about the accident and have you sign a full release of your claims against the opposing driver in exchange for monetary compensation. This compensation, however, is often significantly less than your actual injuries and damages that resulted from the accident, especially where your injuries require weeks or months of additional treatment, rehabilitation services, and physical therapy.

The claim adjusters are highly trained for making negotiations. They try to minimize the amount of compensation you receive – often denying the claim or not recognizing the full value of the case. This includes offering the claim early and convincing a victim without an attorney to sign the release, in order to protect the interests of the insurance company. Having an experienced attorney who is well-versed in this negotiation process can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your matter.

2. Gather Sufficient Evidence
Gathering all necessary information and evidence is the most vital aspect of representation. Evidence such as police reports detailing the accident, statements from victims and witnesses, photos of your damaged vehicle, video footage from nearby cameras, and medical records are used to prove fault and negligence by the other driver. Experienced representatives possess the necessary knowledge and understanding of processes of how to obtain these sources of evidence in a timely manner that allows for efficient determinations of fault and negligence on behalf of opposing drivers.

3. Conducting an Investigation
Simply gathering all available information may not be sufficient enough to prove fault and negligence on behalf of an opposing driver. In situations like this, experienced attorneys are aware of how to properly investigate the accident scene and vehicles involved in order to develop the complete picture of how the accident took place, and how the opposing driver ultimately was at fault. This process often involves the use of analysis by accident recreation experts – another resource available to experienced attorneys. Proper investigation by experienced attorneys exposes all facts and leaves no stone unturned.

4. Determining the Value of Your Injuries
Determining the value of your injuries, also known as your damages, following an accident is critical to your recovery and compensation. Experienced attorneys will examine the nature of your injuries, any necessary follow-up procedures and treatment, such as rehabilitative services and physical therapy, costs of hospitalization, and time missed from work, among many other factors, when determining the valuation of your injuries. Insurance companies will often attempt to undervalue your injuries, however, an experienced personal injury attorney will properly assess the value of your injuries and work to assure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries and suffering.

5. The Settlement Process
Victims in auto accidents are advised to not stand alone against insurance companies. Hiring an attorney who has experience negotiating with insurance companies and their adjusters ensures that your rights and interests are protected, and that you receive payment that is commensurate to your injuires.

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