Questions to ask your potential lawyer

Questions to ask your potential lawyer

Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

            Choosing a lawyer can be a difficult process. The internet can tell you quite a bit about the lawyer’s background.  Always ask potential lawyers questions before deciding to hire them. Treat the process as if you are conducting an interview, your potential lawyer will want to get to know you, and you should get to know the lawyer as well. Here are some questions you should be asking your potential lawyer.

What is your background (education, experience, specialties)?

            Knowing your potential lawyers background is very important. You want to know that the attorney is prepared and trained to take your case. Also, has the attorney handled cases similar to yours in the past? While many lawyers are willing and capable, familiarity of your type of case will go a long way in making you feel comfortable.

Who is your typical client?

            This may seem like an odd question, but it can make a lot of sense to ask your potential lawyer. For example, they may typically represent clients on business matters, but not personal injury matters (or vice versa). These are important items to know when trying to decide if the attorney is right for you.

What special training do you have?

            In some instances, lawyers have special training in specific areas of the law or may even have had extensive practice in cases similar to yours (experience). More knowledge from your potential lawyer on a topic relevant to your case can go a long way.

What are your fees and costs?

Hiring competent lawyers to defend you or pursue a matter can be costly.  Be sure you understand the attorney’s fee structure before moving forward.  Also, be sure you and the lawyer have a fee agreement/letter of engagement in place prior to commencement of representation.

When can we get started?

Congratulations, you have hired a competent lawyer to represent you. Now it’s time to get started!!!

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