Wrongful Death: Seeking Justice for Your Loved One

Wrongful Death: Seeking Justice for Your Loved One

Wrongful death is defined as any death caused due to the fault or negligence of another person or entity. Specific instances of wrongful death include: medical malpractice (delayed treatment, unsafe environment, improper treatment), death on roads (due to reckless drivers or drunk drivers), birth injuries, airplane accidents, occupational exposure to hazardous conditions, criminal behaviour (shooting, stabbing, etc.), and death during a supervised activity – all of these can be the cause of a wrongful death.

The loss of a loved one is a horrible experience, and no amount of compensation can restore their presence in your life – however, justice can be achieved against the individual responsible for their death.

Who can file a lawsuit?
Under Ohio law, a wrongful death action can be initiated by a surviving spouse, children, and parents of the deceased individual, allowing them to collect compensation for lost financial support, medical expenses, funeral costs, and other damages specific to the case.

What must be shown?
Under Ohio law, it must be shown that an actor acted wrongfully, acted with neglect, or as a result of default, an individual suffered injuries and/or damages that they are unable to pursue due to the actor’s wrongful or negligent act resulting in the victim’s death. Experienced attorneys will work to show that a standard of care existed, and as a result of the actor’s wrongful action, the victim’s life was taken. Each type of wrongful act – medical malpractice, reckless driving, or any other mentioned above – requires case-specific investigation, analysis, and action. Experienced attorneys are aware and well-versed in these various action plans and paths to recovery.

Hiring an attorney
Working with an experienced attorney in pursuit of a wrongful death claim is vital to building your case. An attorney will seek and obtain any available records pertaining to the death of your loved one as your case is developed and the responsible party is sought out. Finding an attorney with the necessary experience and understanding of the process surrounding wrongful death claims is vital for seeking compensation of the loss of a loved one and bringing the actor to justice.

The attorneys at KasunicLaw have the experience you need in representing individuals in wrongful death claims. At KasunicLaw we focus on each individual person’s circumstances and their goals, not overlooking the trauma each person experiences when a loved one’s life is taken. We strive to provide experienced representative, open lines of communication, and support through the most difficult of times.

Contact one of our experienced wrongful death attorneys at KasunicLaw today for a case consultation to determine the best path to seeking justice for your loved one.