What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Because your case is important, choosing an experienced attorney to represent you is crucial. Here are some criteria and factors we suggest you consider when choosing an attorney to represent you for your personal injury case.

Hire an Attorney with a Practice that Emphasizes Personal Injury

There are many lawyers that claim they handle personal injury cases. Just watch the television and you will see numerous local, state, and country wide law firms touting their ability to win your case. It is important to hire an attorney that has trial experience with this type of case. This is not the time to hire an inexperienced attorney.

Insurance companies know which lawyers prefer to settle a case fast as opposed to those who prefer a trial. Your case be at a clear disadvantage if you do not have an experienced personal injury attorney on your team.

Hire an Attorney with an Excellent Track Record

You are permitted to ask a prospective attorney about their experience and the outcomes they have generated for previous clients. Your personal injury case is important to you and your family and the result will greatly affect your future. You should be fully compensated for any damages that occurred and an attorney with a proven track record will afford you this opportunity.

Hire an Attorney that Represents Accident Victims

Some law firms try to have it both ways. They have lawyers that represent insurance companies and lawyers that represent personal injury victims. If the firm you hire has experience representing both sides how can you be sure they are adequately representing you? It is important to choose an attorney whose loyalty you do not doubt – one that represents only accident victims.

Hire an Attorney Who Has the Necessary Resources

Many personal injury cases require extensive research, serious investigation, and can be quite expensive and time consuming to prepare. Not only will your attorney be required to devote their time to the case, but may also need to bring in medical experts, accident reconstruction experts or other experts, if necessary. The attorney must have an adequate staff and resources to fully prepare your case.

Hire an Attorney Who Will Take Your Case on a Contingency Fee

Make sure the attorney will agree that you will not pay attorney’s fees unless you recover in your case. This signals that the attorney believes in your case and is confident that he can deliver positive results for you.

Kasunic Law has decades of combined experience representing personal injury victims. We believe it is important to not only deliver great outcomes for our clients but to enhance their quality of life by providing exceptional representation. Call us today and schedule a consultation to handle your legal matter.